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​You just found out you’re pregnant, and the excitement of knowing your baby’s gender won’t let you rest easy. But your doctor says you have to wait 18 weeks for the gender to be visible on ​ultrasound​? And now you feel like it’s such a long time to wait. And it is when you’re anxious to know. So why don’t you use other gender predictor methods in the meantime?From folktales to scientific methods, women around the world rely on different gender predictor methods. More often than not, friends and relatives will join in on the guessing game, which makes things even more exciting.So how do you predict your baby’s sex when it’s too soon for your doctor to tell?

Weird but Interesting Gender Predictor Methods

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​Image source: pexels

Why not have a little fun predicting your baby’s gender? We scoured the internet and found some incredible gender predictor methods you’ll probably find weird, but they may just point you in the right direction.

Just remember that these methods have no scientific backing and may, therefore, not be accurate. But what’s the harm in trying?

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in.

1. Garlic test

Warning: Your partner may not want to get anywhere near you when you try this gender predictor method.

For this one, all you really have to do is eat as much garlic as you can. If you can do it and not smell like garlic, it means you’re carrying a baby girl. And if you and your partner can’t stand your breath, there’s a high chance it’s a baby boy.

2. Ring test

Another fun gender predictor method is the ring test. All you need for this one is a ring (you can use your wedding ring or any other ring) and a string.

Tie the ring on the thread and hold it over your baby bump. The trick is in observing how the ring swings. If it turns in a circular motion, you better start buying pink clothes because you’re having a girl. However, if the string swings side to side, you’re having a baby boy.

3. Look in the mirror

Sometimes predicting your baby’s sex can be as simple as staring in the mirror. This method involves doing an eye test.

Look into your eyes for about a minute to see if your pupils are dilating. If they are, it means there’s a high chance you’re having a baby boy.

4. Chinese gender chart

The Chinese gender chart is also among the most common gender predictor tests. This tool tells you whether you’re having a baby boy or a girl based on your age and month of conception. So how does it work?

If you’re using an online Chinese gender predictor tool, all you have to do is enter your age at conception and the month you conceived. The software will then convert the variables into lunar calendar dates and tell you whether you’re carrying a baby boy or girl.

You can also use a Chinese gender predictor calendar. For this one, all you have to do is to place your finger on the age you were at conception and another finger on the month you conceived. Check where your fingers meet in the middle, and you’ll have your answer.

Scientific Ways to Predict Your Baby’s Gender

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If you want more accurate results, it’s always a good idea to go for methods that have some scientific backing. Scientists have done some studies that can offer you clues to help you know your baby’s gender.

While some of these methods are not 100 percent accurate, they’re way better than guessing games and folktales. So let’s start, shall we?.

5. Blood pressure before conception

This method is one of the trickiest because you can’t do it after getting pregnant. You need to know your blood pressure before conception to predict your baby’s gender.

Studies show that women who have higher systolic blood pressure before getting pregnant conceive a baby boy. Therefore, if you have your medical records before your month of conception, it may be a fast and easy way to tell if you’re carrying a little dude or dudette.

6. Your baby’s heart rate is a great indicator

It may also help to pay attention to your baby’s heart rate the next time you’re getting an ultrasound. It’s believed that a baby girl has a faster heart rate of about 140 beats per minute. So listen keenly to your little one.

7. Extra forgetful?

Research also shows that those who are carrying a baby girl underperform in memory tests, especially in areas that involve computational, visualization skills, and listening compared to women expecting a baby boy.

So, now you know exactly who to blame when you put your keys in the refrigerator or can’t remember where your glasses are when you have them on. But don’t worry, this problem won’t last forever (at least we hope not).

8. Increased appetite

Your appetite can also be a great gender predictor. A study monitored how expectant mothers ate and found that women who were expecting baby boys ate about more calories compared to women carrying a baby girl — it seems the male appetite starts earlier than most people think.

Based on its sample group, the study shows that the women who are expecting baby boys consume approximately 200 more calories a day than women carrying baby girls. It suggests that the reason may be the male fetus secreting testosterone, which signals the mother to eat more.

9. You can’t stand your favorite foods

No longer interested in your favorite foods? Don’t quite understand why? Well, researchers say there’s a good explanation for this.

Their reason? Aversions to your preferred diet during pregnancy occur as a result of how a woman’s immune system works in response to protecting the developing fetus. Studies have also shown that women who have food aversions when pregnant are more likely expecting a baby boy.

The squeamishness feeling you get, according to researchers, is your body’s way of protecting your fetus by making you stay away from any harmful substances. So the next time your favorite ice cream flavor revolts you, just think it’s the best for your little guy.

10. Moody or mellow?

You’ve probably heard people say that pregnant women are cranky and moody all the time. But it’s not the same for all women. Some are extremely happy, and others have mood swings more often than not during their pregnancy.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and start thinking that you’re among the women who don’t enjoy the joy of pregnancy because there’s a good explanation of what you’re going through.

Although there isn’t a strong correlation, some studies show that women who experience stress during their pregnancy are more likely to be carrying a baby girl. According to the research, this may be because baby girls are less vulnerable to unfavorable conditions.

The stress women experience mainly arises from your surroundings. It can be a stressful job or the people around you. However, women who are in calm, peaceful environments may give birth to either a boy or a girl.

11. Gestational diabetes

​Studies have also found that women who are expecting baby boys are at a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes — your blood glucose rises above the normal level — compared to women carrying a baby girl.

However, there’s no conclusive evidence why having a male fetus leads to this physiological change, and carrying a girl doesn’t.

How They Did It Back in the Day

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Technology has, without a doubt, made things easier for everyone, including expectant mothers. Today, if you’re patient, all you have to do is to wait until your baby is big enough for their gender to show up on your ultrasound.

But women didn’t have this luxury back in the day. They used some weird (and sometimes over the top) methods to try and predict their baby’s gender.

If you’re willing to try different methods to guess your baby’s gender before your 18 weeks ultrasound, these are some of the things used by our ancestors to predict gender. Who knows, they might work for you.

12. How you walk

One of the gender predictor methods used back in the day had to do with how a pregnant woman walked.

According to the myth, if you take the first step with your right foot, you are having a baby boy. And if it’s a left-foot first step, it means you are expecting a baby girl. This is just one of the weird beliefs women had back in the day.

Some also believed that if at the hour of conception, none of the partners felt affectionate to each other, they were expecting a girl with a bitter disposition.

13. Salt test

Back in the day, the people around a pregnant woman were also very proactive in helping her figure out her baby’s gender.

When the expectant mother fell asleep, one person would pour salt on her head so discreetly that she could not feel it. The next day, they’d wait to hear the first name that came out of the woman’s mouth.

If it was a male name, they concluded she was giving birth to a baby boy, and if she woke up saying a female name, it meant she was having a baby boy.

I bet some woke up screaming the name of the weirdo who poured the salt on their head.

14. Mother knows best

Another gender predictor method popular back in the day was observing the expectant mother’s behavior.

They believed that if a pregnant woman asked you to guess what they were having and you said a boy, and she blushed, there was a great chance the woman was expecting a baby boy. However, if there was no blush, it was a baby girl.

Some used a key test to determine the baby’s gender. They would place a key in front of the mother, and if she picked it up from the thick end, they believed she was having a boy. If she picked the key from the other side, it meant she was having a girl.

15. Partner looking a bit heavier?

It’s not fair when you’re gaining all the weight from your pregnancy, and your husband is looking better than ever. But did you know that how your husband looks during your pregnancy can be a great indicator of your baby’s gender?

Back in the day, they believed that the husband gains weight if they are expecting a baby girl and the opposite if it’s a baby boy.

16. Carrying low versus high

When you’re expecting, many people will predict your baby’s gender based on how you’re carrying. According to ancient lore, if you’re carrying low, there’s a high chance you’ll have a baby boy. And if the baby seems to be in an elevated position, it means it’s a baby girl.

However, how you carry is determined by your body shape, age, how many children you’ve had before your current pregnancy, and your total weight gain during the pregnancy.

17. Pregnancy glow

Some people also believed that if you had a fantastic pregnancy glow, you were expecting a baby boy. The belief was that baby girls steal all their mother’s beauty. As a result, if you developed acne or had a dull complexion during your pregnancy, it meant you were expecting a baby girl.

Pink or Blue, It’s a Bundle of Joy

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Image source: pexels

It’s only natural to be anxious to know your baby’s gender. After all, how will you know which clothes to buy?

But don’t be so preoccupied with finding out that you forget to enjoy the journey. Remember, a healthy mother and child are the most important thing. So even as you wait for the big gender reveal, remind yourself to stay present and enjoy the little milestones you overcome on this exciting journey.

Do you have any other incredible gender predictor methods you’d like to share with us that aren’t on this list? Please tell us about them in the comments section below. It’s always a joy to hear from our readers.​

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